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Send SMS Free

Send SMS Free From Internet By Chikka

Chikka is a website that provided you with intelegent software to let you get free send sms from your iPhone, Galaxy tab, any mobile device and Windows Desktop (PC). What you have to do is download free application software to your mobile or computer, register your nama, email address and mobile number.

Chikka Text Messenger lets you send free SMS text messages to many countries such as Philippines, India, China, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Spain, Kuwait (Wataniya, MTC), United States, United Kingdom. This system also allow you to sends and receives pictures to and from cell phones without charge, 100% free!

Chikka also one of the world Instant Messengers (IM), with other online buddies allow the user communication between them by chatting PC to PC and PC to Mobile. Next feature is you can use your iPhone or Android phone, tweet or post on Facebook and invite friends to Chikka text with you.

Chikka Philippines, Inc. actually build their first services for the user around the world to send free SMS to Philippine mobile phones. They give chances for those want to send SMS from internet about up to 100 free text messages with no mobile number required.

Try to send SMS Free


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Really amazing facility provide for visitors. Thanks for sharing the information.


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